Marcela Almeida Alves

Title: Promoting Psychological Flourishing in Workplaces: how Positive Coaching Psychology can instruct Occupational Health Psychology practices.

Background: Positive Coaching Psychology is a promising methodology to help organizations and employees to thrive. According to scientific research on Occupational Health Psychology there is a lack of evidence-based interventions to promote well-being at workplaces. The traditional focus on stress and ill-being brought some helpful advice and practices to diminish mental health problems. However, Positive Psychology is a new perspective about human feelings and functioning that emphasizes the people’s potential to flourishing in all domains of life.

Aim & method: The aim of this study is to design and test a Workplace Positive Coaching Psychology Intervention, based on PERMA model (Seligman, 2011), to promote Mental Health and Flourishing at Workplaces. BeST Programme, a 12-session face-to-face group intervention, was designed. Pre and post tests were conducted and qualitative data was collected to understand the motivations, expectations and evaluations about the Programme.

Outcomes: Extend the scientific literature about employees Mental Health introducing a Positive Coaching Psychology Intervention at Workplaces.

Rationale: To instruct employees and workplaces about how to facilitate and promote Psychological Flourishing, improving Work-Life balancing.