Advances in Mixed Methods Research – John W. Creswell

Advances in Mixed Methods Research – John W. Creswell, PhD – Keynote at the 2016 CAQD conference

This presentation deals with the conjunction of qualitative and quantitative research, commonly refered to as “Mixed Methods”. By the end of it, you will have:

● A basic understanding of mixed methods research
● An understanding of 10 recent advances of this methodology
● Specific examples of these advances
● A checklist of advances to determine if your project is rigorous

John W. Creswell, PhD is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, adjunct professor of Family Medicine and Co-Director of the Michigan Mixed Methods Research and Scholarship Program at the University of Michigan. He was founding Co-Editor for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research and has authored numerous articles and more than 25 books on mixed methods research, qualitative methodology, and general research design.

This presentation was given at the MAXQDA user conference (CAQD) March 3rd, 2016.
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