Climate Coaching Action Day

Climate Coaching Action Day, 2nd March 2023

Climate Coaching Action Day was launched in March 2020 by Coaching at Work with the aim of establishing a global annual celebration and promotion of climate coaching. Many including individuals and organisations have embraced the initiative.

The International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP), ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research and the ISCP Faculty of Climate Change and Coaching Psychology support Climate Coaching Action Day.

The date for the next Action Day is 2nd March, 2023. In support of the event, the ISCP is releasing the last keynote the late Dr Alison Whybrow gave at the 11th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, sponsored by the ISCP in 2021 to watch during March, in support of Climate Coaching Action Day and in memory of Alison and her outstanding contribution to the coaching psychology profession and the field of climate conscious coaching. The Zoom link to the keynote recording, ‘How do we create relationships able to hold reconnection and recovery?’ is available below. This keynote has an introduction by Dr Siobhain O’Riordan and Prof Stephen Palmer which was included for the ISCP Congress in 2022. You can read about Alison’s concerns regarding the climate crisis in her article titled, ‘We are not OK‘  and can can be read here.

Click ‘HERE‘ for Zoom link to keynote.

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